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How to delete browsing history on Amazon?

Amazon tracks the all the products you browse, shows you your recently viewed items and featured recommendations account’s home page. Here is how to clear history and delete your browsing data.

Here is how to clear and edit browsing history on Amazon

– 1) Go to Browsing History page
– 2) Click Manage History


Here are some best Alternatives to Quicken and Mint personal financial management software/app

[ via – forbes ]


Netflix has raised the monthly subscription fees for standard and premium plan starting November 2017. This increase will be $1 for standard plan and $2 for premium plan respectively.

In 2015, Netflix raised the price of the standard service. Below price hikes will only be in the US and will start in November 2017.

Plan Old Price New Price

Using live mobile phone location data, Thasos real-time location data company analyzed the customer growth of Amazon’s Whole Foods. Here are the key findings since the price reduction beginning on August 28.

  • Whole Foods Foot traffic increased 17% during the week of the price on August 28.

Whole Foods attracted new customers from the following stores:

  • Walmart: 24%

What are the differences between Millennial, Generation X, and Baby boomers Generation? It is generally used to refer to people born in certain birth years. here is the table which explains the difference birth years

Generation Birth year
Millennials ( Generation Y) 1981 or later
Generation X ( Gen X) 1965-1980
Baby boomers 1946-1964

iOS 11 update has lots of new features to iPhone and iPad that includes  including improvements to Siri, improvements to Camera and Photos, and augmented reality technologies to enable immersive experiences.

iOS 11 update for iPad will add new multitasking feature, a new Files app, new Apple Pencil features etc.

Here is list of new iOS 11 features