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Verizon 5G Network – 11 cities

Verizon is testing 5G mobile broadband service to select customers in 11 cities across USA on its newly built 5G network. 5G provides speeds upto 40 times faster than the 4G network.

During the first half of 2017 Verizon will offer 5G to selected customers in the following metropolitan areas,

  1. Ann Arbor
  2. Atlanta
  3. Bernardsville (NJ)

Amazon ranked #1 position at Corporate Reputation Ranking. This is Amazon’s second consecutive year at no# 1 and 9 straight year in the top 10 at the Corporate Reputation Ranking with a score of 86.27. So Amazon is offering a discount of $8.62 on orders of $50 or more to thank customers — today only (02/22/2017 ) .


Here are the features of AMD Ryzen 7 desktop gaming microprocessor.

AMD Ryzen 7 is a high-end  gaming central processing unit (CPU) designed for PC gamers and creators. It features 8-cores, 16-threads, and the new AM4 desktop platform ( Ryzen 7 lineup includes the highest performing and lowest powered 8-core PC processors).



Annoying to see amazon ads on Facebook or on every other site you visit ? such as you lookup some product on amazon, later you get to see same product ads on Facebook or other site. how does Facebook know what you looked at on amazon ?


Xbox Live Gold membership cost.


  • 1 Month Xbox Live Gold – $9.99
  • 3 Month Xbox Live Gold – $24.99
  • 12 Month Xbox Live Gold – $59.99

If you have an Xbox Live Gold member, you will get monthly free games, and discounts in Xbox stores. You can connect and play games with other Xbox Live members around the world.


How to Get Free Xbox Games ?

Recently we purchased Xbox One S Minecraft Favorites Bundle (500GB) which comes with

“Xbox One S 500GB Console, full game downloads of Minecraft for Xbox One and Windows 10, Xbox Wireless Controller, HDMI cable (4K Capable), Power cable and 14-day Xbox Live Gold Trial”.

With the 14-day Xbox Live Gold Trial we can get Free Xbox Games. Here is how to get Free Xbox Games with the 14 day trial.