Reliance Money, Motilal Oswal Best Online Stock Trading Platform

indusschoolblrindia.jpgAccording to an online survey conducted by US-based Starcom Mediavest, Reliance Money is the top brokerage house in terms of online security and cost.

1.Reliance Money
3.ICICI Direct

Best Online Security
1.Reliance Money
2.ICICI Direct

Best Eesearch Driven Stock Trading Platform
– Motilal Oswal

List of Online Stock Trading Websites in India.

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5 thoughts on “Reliance Money, Motilal Oswal Best Online Stock Trading Platform”

  1. Reliance money is good in terms of cost effectiveness. But their site experiences technical problems often. Better not to trade in reliance money till it becomes stable. The email customer support is also not that responsive

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