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What is Cloud Computing ? Explained

Cloud computing is how data is accessed using remote servers via Internet (known as “the cloud”). Cloud computing relies on sharing hardware and software resources over a network rather than on local servers or personal devices. This network of servers and connections is collectively known as the cloud. Google Docs is an example of Cloud computing. Cloud services can be used to provide high-performance computing, as needed.

Cloud computing is an alternative for existing enterprises to offload overburdened IT infrastructures with value-added capabilities.

Cloud computing is the emerging industry buzz word driven largely by service offerings from big corporate players like Google, IBM, Amazon, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems and more.

Examples of Cloud Computing Services

Google Docs sharing online documents,  Google App Engine – application hosting, Amazon EC2 – Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud IT are some of the examples of cloud computing services.

Cloud Pyramid

Cloud computing is broken up into multiple segments including: Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Platforms and Cloud Applications.

[ Image  via How Cloud Computing Works– howstuffworks ]

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