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What is Amazon Echo and Google Home ?

Amazon Echo and Google Home are smart home automation devices, developed by Amazon and Google respectively.

With the use of voice assistant, these device will answers your questions, reads news, reports traffic and weather etc. It will act as the home automation controlling device — controls lights, switches, and thermostats etc. For hands-free convenience these devices will be controlled by your voice and it connects to to the cloud for the information.



Amazon Echo Google Home
Price $179.99 $129
 Hands free commands  Yes  Yes
Voice assistant  Alexa  Google Assistant
 Wake word  Alexa, Echo, or Amazon  “Okay Google”
Music streaming  Yes  Yes
 Smart home partnerships  Yes – Nest and more Yes – Nest and more
 Output to stereo  Yes in Amazon Dot  Yes (via chromecast)
Microphone  7  2
 Customizable  No  Yes (six different color bases)

for more information visit Amazon Echo and Google Home

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