How to Reset Your Lost MySpace Password or Email

If you have lost or forgotten your myspace account password, you can easily reset your myspace password. If you forgot the email address, then you have to prove that to myspace that you are the rightful owner of the account by sending a salute photo.

How to Reset Your MySpace Password

Go to myspace and click Forgot your password? link, enter the email address you signed-up with with myspace. After entering your email address myspace will mail you new password. Check your email for your new password, login to MySpace with the new password and change your password, which you can remeber easily.

Forgot email address signed up with on MySpace

If you forgot email address you signed up with on MySpace, you have to to send a salute. A salute is the way myspace verifys that you are who you say you are.

A salute is a photo of yourself holding your MySpace friend ID. You can find your Friend ID number after “friendID=” in the URL when viewing your profile. If they match, you’re cool.

Here’s the instructions how do you request an Email reminder to log into MySpace using Salute Process.

22 thoughts on “How to Reset Your Lost MySpace Password or Email”

  1. i cant use my profile myspace because the not let me login in and i cant chance my pass to so i am most 1 week wait but is not working u can answer my cuestion my mail in myspace

  2. I’m trying to recovery myspace password. Went myspacepassword recovery,lostpassword no luck please Help

  3. I’m using a blackberry curve smartphone and I forgot my password. Its about a year now and I feel so help less. Can somebody please help me, thanks!

  4. I have been locked out of my myspace. They act like I lied to them about something. I linked myspace and facebook and tried going to myspace to find out I am blocked out that way also. They just won’t believe. I am that person. Also it is hard enough to log in using my new android!

  5. I been trying to login on my my space but I forgot my password and thede is no place to click forgot password….

  6. I’ve forgotten my password and I no longer use or remember the password for the email I made my account to. I now have a new email. Please help I wanna save my albums 😉

  7. I have. Tried. Everything. To reset my MySpace. Password. And nothing will work and the only. Pictures. I have of my godson who passed sway. When he was 5mths old please. Help me I can prove it is my account. I just. Have. Not. Been. On it in so long. But I have. Trial. For. A year. To change. My password. Please help I am desperate. Thank you

  8. i want to get in to my myspace have not been on it iin a long time i can not remember my email so i use my url to get it to send to my email thankin it would show what email i used but guess what it dose not show so can you PLZ HELP me my name on it is “kenzie delana” & my url name is “crazybeautiful09” so if you can plz help me & email me what email i use

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