How to Enable/Disable Firefox Private Browsing ?

Private Browsing is one of the new feature in Firefox 3.5 browser. Sometimes you do not want other users of your computer to see or access previously visited or the username and password information.

In a Private Browsing session, Firefox won’t keep any browser history, search history, download history, web form history, cookies, or temporary internet files. However, files you download and bookmarks you make will be kept.

To start Private Browsing

Select Tools > Start Private Browsing.

Note: When you start private browsing in firefox, it will save your current opened tabs and open it when you are done with your private browsing session.


To stop Private Browsing

Select Tools > Stop Private Browsing, or close Firefox.

What Private Browsing will not retain

Visited pages
Form and Search Bar entries
Download List entries
Web cache files

Start Firefox in a private browsing session

If you want automatically enable Private Browsing mode whenever you start Firefox, follow the steps below.

1. Select Tools
2. Select Options
3. Select Privacy panel tab.
4. Select Use custom settings for history in the Firefox will: select box
5. Check the box Automatically start Firefox in a private browsing session.

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19 thoughts on “How to Enable/Disable Firefox Private Browsing ?”

  1. Please provide an option to disable private browsing. Not all of us want that feature on our computers.

  2. How to ENABLE history on Firefox? My boyfriend doesn’t want me to see sites he has visited and uses Firefox, but it is in my interest to know.

    Please help. Simple directions please. He has Windows 7.

  3. Do not want the private browsing. How can I delete this from safari and google chrome. My computer is not an apple/mac. Thank you!

  4. I also agree. There should be a way to disable this function. If you don’t want it on your own personal computer, why should you HAVE to?
    If possible, firefox should make a way to disable it. Thanx.

  5. Please provide an option to disable private browsing. Not all of us want that feature on our computers.

  6. The title of this article is wrong, it should state
    ‘How to USE Firefox Private Browsing?’ it’s not telling anything on how to enable or disable private browsing.

  7. Thanks.. now people can look at porn on my computer, and I won’t have any way of knowing. (:
    And don’t say they can just delete the few pieces of history.. because cookies save them too.
    However, this does not save cookies..
    Please just give us the option..

  8. OK this is wut i did n it gave me an error MSG when i tried starting Firefox 5. went to C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\components (its a 64 bit system) and i opened browsercomps.dll with notepad and went to edit then replace and replaced private-browsing for a 0 by selecting replace all
    hope it helps i spent hrs google’n and found nothing so i try ed tempering with the files

  9. my bad “when i tried starting Firefox 5” no only starting inprivate firefox started ok

  10. Seriously Firefox. Are you supporting Kids watching porn on computers when parents can not watch??? Get rid of this stupid feature. I’m a parent and don’t want it on my computer. What were you even thinking?

  11. and by watch, I mean watch what the kids are doing and keep it from happening. Stressed at the moment, due to your feature. Just a thought, you can likely get sued for having this a locked feature. Keep that in mind.

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