Bing vs Google – Top Comparison

Microsoft’s new search engine, Bing became public with General Search, shopping, travel search, Image search, Video search and more.

According to Microsoft Bing focuses initially on four key user tasks and related areas: making a purchase, planning a trip, researching a health condition or finding a local business.

Some say Bing is the Google Killer and real Google alternative.

Bing vs Google comparison

Comparison Metrics My favorite winner Reason
Look and Feel Google wins Clean and simple
Search Options Bing wins Impressive refinement options with organized logical categories on the left pane with Powerset search technology
Search Results Google wins Better results with relevant latest News articles related to the search term
Travel Search Bing wins Bing’s Farecast technology and it’s tools predicts cheap airline tickets quicker
Video Search Bing wins You can see a quick video preview when you hover the mouse over the video thumbnail images
Map Search Google Map wins Cool and Simple
Image Search Google Wins Better image collections with relevance (Google Image Labeler feature)


Google is my favorite, but Microsoft’s bing is going to be a real competitor to Google over the time. Bing will not get the market-share from Google overnight, Microsoft sees Bing as a start (or restart) and that improvements will continue to roll out over time.

18 thoughts on “Bing vs Google – Top Comparison”

  1. Did you try shopping?
    Bing is much better there too.

    Not to mention that image search has much better filters.

    I think Bing has an egde, and I’m switching to it until Google decides to improve.

  2. I know this is all just your opinion and that is fine but do you really think Google Maps is better than, either Bing, the old Live, Yahoo or just about any other? I like Google but Google maps is the only one mentioned that gives me the wrong directions on a consistant basis.

  3. Your table of comparisons spells Bing as Bign (reversed letters). Spell check please?

    I like the look and feel of Bing better than Google, but I think this is because I am tired of the same Google screen. The colorful background screen of Bing leaves me wanting to explore all the clickable boxes. I learn something new just by going to Bing’s home page.

    Google maps is nice, but it has given me wrong directions, too.

    I prefer Mapquest, although I have used Yahoo Maps.

    I also prefer Bing’s image search, but Google is close.

    Verdict for me: I prefer Bing, so I switched.

  4. It’s nice to use another search engine for a change.
    I was getting tired of Google; for most people, Google is a habit.
    Try the Blindsearch out:
    which has listings from Google, Yahoo, and Bing, but lets you guess which engine gives you which results. Most of the results I choose come from Google, but Bing is a close second. But I got to this by doing the test 20 times.

  5. Bing is very good search engine. Once image search refined and street view 3d maps are added.. Google better watch out… I have already changed my default page to Bing.! F, the new world Order, Google and their monopoly!

  6. I have Google as my Internet Explorer home on one computer and Bing on another, so I have been able to do quite a few objective tests. The result is that I may just keep them that way for a while. What we all want is to get the most useful answer as close to the top of the list as possible. Sometimes Bing wins and sometimes Google wins and I have yet to discern what subjects or typing style will make one win over the other. Another reply (wigglesworth, above) is tired of the Google screen and gets bad directions from Google Maps. This proves different strokes for different folks. I work with computers constantly and prefer less distraction. I don’t even employ background pictures on my desktop and so do not prefer the Bing screen. I also have gotten completely wrong directions from MapQuest, but never from Google Maps, so I would guess this must depend on one’s starting and ending destination areas.

  7. Bing is refreshing! The search results I find are just as good if not better than Google’s and the look is much more appealing. Also, I find the Bing map to be WAY better than Google’s as far as clarity of the satallite pics. You can zoom in much further with much more detail. I’m impressed. I’m not going to say I will switch over entirely – it doesn’t have to be an either or – but it is foolish not to use Bing in conjunction with Google.

  8. Well Bing brings in refreshing user experience as compared to Google. Google on the other hand looks to me had taken for granted their monopoly in search engine domain. However Bing is as good as Google but far more better in usability and look and feel. Hats of to Microsoft, for coming up with tit for tat search engine. Iam very much optimistic Bing will have equal share as that of Google. My expericen Bing is much more faster than Google, preview of results by hovering the mouse makes it more usable.

  9. Me again. I’ve been using Bing for a month and so far I like it, but as Jamie says above, Google is still good for some things. Vaibhav said it best, pointing out that search queries tend to be more accurate in Google, but this may be due to 1) a better algorithm, 2) traffic on Google: Google learns to improve the accuracy of its search everytime a search is done; 3) submissions from users; 4) a larger database.

  10. Bing is better its front page is fabulous the results are good but probably not as good as googles images are fairly good but still not as good as google.Maps and video is better on bing because of the birds eye option in maps and the preview on Video. Bing also has access to ninemsn hotmail bing travel bing shopping etc I am with Bing!!!!!!!!!!

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