Global Fuel Prices – 12 Most Expensive Countries To Fill Your Tank

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Gasoline prices all over the world is soaring. On average, gasoline prices have increased more than 60 percent in the last two years.
However, the price of gas still remains low in some countries like Venezuela, which has the low gas price of 12.4¢.

High gasoline price can be linked to several things: Increased demand, Tensions with Iran , High demand in China and India.

Here is the list of 12 countires around the world which has the most expensive fuel prices.

  1. Eritrea $9.579
  2. Norway $8.732
  3. Britain $8.379
  4. The Netherlands $8.368
  5. Monaco $8.313
  6. Iceland $8.277
  7. Belgium $8.224
  8. France $8.036
  9. Germany $7.864
  10. Portugal $7.836
  11. Italy $7.731
  12. Denmark $7.719
  13. U.S. $3.45

Data Sources: Business Week

4 thoughts on “Global Fuel Prices – 12 Most Expensive Countries To Fill Your Tank”

  1. Yeah, this is a dumb list. There are many countries in the world where gasoline is more expensive than the U.S. A list on another web site shows the U.S. as #101 out of 141 countries, with #1 being the most expensive and #141 being the cheapest.

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