How to Use Google SMS

Now you can us Google mobile SMS (text message) query and Google will return search results in text form.

You can look for nearest fast-food chain restaurant, local business listings in your zip code. You can find sports scores ,weather conditions and more useful information using Google mobile SMS . Here is how to use Google SMS (Text messaging) .

You should have Text messaging plan to use this.

For local business listings

  • Type what you want (business or type of service; e.g., “starbucks” or “thai restaurant”) followed by zip or city and state
  • Examples: “pizza hut 10009” or “pizza new york ny”

For sports scores

  • Type the name of the sports team- Example: “red sox”

For weather

  • Type the word “weather” followed by the zip or city and state – Example: “weather 98112”

More useful information

  • Need help? Send the word “help” to 46645
  • Additional features include movie showtimes, stock quotes, definitions, driving directions, calculator, and more

[ Visit Google for more information – ]

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