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How Many Laptops are Stolen?

An estimated more than two million laptop computers are stolen, lost, or misplaced in the United States annually. Laptop theft has been growing at a steady rate, 1 in 10 laptops will be stolen within their lifetime.

The FBI estimates that 10% of all laptops purchased in the US will be stolen within the first year of ownership. Of those, only 3% will be recovered!

Highlights of the “The Billion Dollar Lost-Laptop Study” survey conducted by Intel Corporation and the Ponemon Institute, which analyzed the scope and circumstances of missing laptop PCs.

  • The survey of 329 companies found that more than 86,000 laptops had been lost or stolen.
  • Of the 11 industries surveyed, educational and research institutions reported the most lost or stolen laptops – at just under 11 percent of their mobile fleets.
  • Transportation venues, such as airports and train stations are not the riskiest places; seemingly safe locations, such as homes and hotel rooms account for more than 40 percent of laptop disappearances.
  • 43% of laptops are lost off-site (e.g. working from a home office or hotel room)
  • 33% of laptops are lost in-transit (e.g. travel)
  • 12% of laptops are lost in the workplace and the remainder unknown

Ways to Protect Your Laptop Against Theft or Loss

  • Laptop locks
  • Visual deterrents such as stickers or labels
  • Use Anti-Theft Software Like LoJack, Undercover, Prey etc. Checkout the Laptop Theft Protection Software List.
  • Best way to protect your laptop: Don’t leave it out in plain sight, Leaving it out in plain sight increases the chances of it being stolen.
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