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How did I trade-in my iPhone 4s for iPhone 6s?

Apple has a iPhone Trade-in program which allows you to give your eligible smartphone( my case iPhone 4 or above versions) for a new iPhone of your choice. Few weeks back we trade in our iPhone 4s for a brand new iPhone 6s. Here is how

1) Go to an Apple Store location

We had a iPhone 4s which become sluggish in performance. Apple Trade-in program is available in Apple Store only.. So, we had to go to an Apple sore nearby for iPhone trade-in program.

2) Trade-in  old iPhone 4S  and Erased all data on old iPhone

We Backed up our data using my  iTunes/iCloud ( photos, music, notes  and contacts etc ) before we stepped in to Apple store. When we were at Apple store, Apple employee helped us to erase all data and settings in front of us.

(iPhone 4S – trade-in)

3) Got a new iPhone 6s using Apple Trade-in program with Installment  plan

(new iPhone 4S)

4) Here is the cost breakdown

Cost : We got $50 trade-in money as a gift card which was later applied to our new phone and $23 for Trade-In discount.

24 month installment loan for this iPhone was provided by Citizens One Bank.

Cost of new Phone (iPhone 6s 16GB)  + $649
trade-in Discounts
Trade-in value for iPhone 4s  – $50
Apple Trade-In discount  – $23
Total Cost  $576
Installment ( 24 months )
First installment + sales tax $75.65 ( @8.25 sales tax $51.65)
Subsequent 23 Installments $24.00 per month
Total Cost
After trade-in my cost $627.65 ( incl sales tax  & discount )


So, after trade-in my cost for new phone is : $627.65 including sales tax $51.65 and discount of $73 

For more information visit www.apple.com/iphone/trade-in/

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