Can India’s GDP Growth Hit 10%?

indian rupeesThe Indian economy is the 2nd fastest growing major economy in the world, and the question is whether GDP growth could reach 10%?

India economy expanded by a faster than expected 9.3% first fiscal quarter 2007(Apr-june).

As per World Bank GDP of all countries estimates , Indian economy is in 3rd largest in the world as measured by purchasing power parity (PPP) and 12th largest in the world measured in USD exchange-rate terms with a GDP of Rs 40 lakh crore /US $1 trillion ( 2007).

India is the 2nd fastest growing major economy in the world, with a GDP growth rate of 9.4% for the fiscal year 2006-2007.

Credit Suisse, global financial services major is expecting GDP growth of 9.4% and 9.6% for 2007/2008 and 2008/2009, respectively, well above consensus of 8.2% and 7.9%.

India’s growth rate is second only to China, hoping for the country’s economy touching 10 % growth in the few years.

Source: World Bank GDP Quick Reference Tables & Credit Suisse forecasts

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