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‪‪Microsoft Visual Studio‬ for macOS‬‬ – Download

Microsoft has released Visual Studio 2017 for Mac. The Visual Studio supports Visual Studio Code for Mac and is free to download. It is designed natively for the Mac

Visual Studio is an IDE (integrated development environment) from Microsoft to develop programs for Windows , web apps and mobile apps. Visual Studio 2017 for Mac will enable macOS developers to build apps for Android, macOS, iOS, tvOS, watchOS, web, and cloud

Small Business Tax Software List

Looking for Best Online Tax Software for your Business (business tax software ) ? There are number of DIY and other software products on the market that are designed to handle your Small Business Tax-related needs. Below is a list of tax software to manage the taxes of your business easily and affordably:

Among the many popular Best Online Small Business Tax Software you’ll find are:

List: Microsoft Word Alternatives

Here are the list of MS Word Alternatives you can use – Microsoft Word Alternatives

OpenOffice – An open source office productivity suite, including word processing, spreadsheets, and slide shows. Very similiar to Microsoft Office –

TinyWord – Free and open source word processing program similar to Microsoft Word. TinyWord is a powerful document editor. Open, create, edit, and save word documents! –

List of AntiVirus Software Providers

Your guide to Antivirus Software list. Always use antivirus software on your computer, before buying visit the vendor’s site and evaluate their software by downloading a trial version.
Here is the list of anti-virus software providers offering a wide range of features and services. Also checkout Top 5 best Free Antivirus Software.

List of Anti-Virus Software Providers

Check out list of anti-virus software providers