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List of Microsoft Cloud Services

Microsoft Cloud services provides you the power to grow your business. Checkout list of  Microsoft cloud computing products for Productivity, Application Development & Hosting and Private Cloud

Windows Azure – Microsoft’s platform as a service, Windows Azure lets you to create and host Web applications and services that quickly scale up or down, depending on business demands. Checkout List of Cloud Hosting Providers.

What is Windows Safe Mode?

Safe Mode is a powerful tool that load a minimal set of drivers for fixing problems in Windows. Windows Safe Mode option allows you to start Windows without loading any unnecessary drivers or software when you have any system-critical problem in windows. This option allows you to troubleshoot Windows easily. Safe Mode is the first step in recovering a crashed computer when Windows restarts continuously with blue screen known as Blue Screen of Death.

Office Web Applications – Office 2010 Screenshots

Microsoft’s Office Web Applications are browser-based Office clients which include Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, Word and also Outlook. The Office Web Applications can be accessed by simply opening the documents as listed on a web page.

Users will have access to, and can use Microsoft Office to edit/modify Office documents anywhere.

Here is the screenshots of Office Web Applications