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How to convert HDD partition type from MBR to GPT ?

MBR is an old HDD partition also known as Master Boot Record. MBR has been in use since 1980. It used to be the only partition type in older windows versions but in MBR has a big limitation. It can create partitions only up to 2TB. A lot of people currently own HDDs with much higher capacity. So there is a new partition system that currently resolves this HDD capacity limitations. GPT or also known as GUID Partition Table. GPT theoretically allows unlimited partitions.

How do I Resize images for Email ?

Are you tired of e-mailing large photos ? Do you know you can resize your images with a right click using Microsoft Image Resizer Power toy(bulk image resizer). With this tool, you can resize the large sizephotographs taken from your digital camera and send it via email attachment.


Windows XP PowerToys are designed for Windows XP, Tablet PC, and Media Center PC.