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Air India to Temporary Layoff of 15,000 Employees

Financial crisis is heating the aviation industry in india, yesterday Jet Airays laid off 1,900 staffs now, India’s largest careet Air India is in move to temporary layoff of 15,000 staff

Air India said it is considering a plan to give 3-5 years leave without pay to about 15,000 of its staff, but it would be voluntary action on the employees part.

TOP 10 America’s Bankruptcies


Over the years, the world has been witness to many an irresponsible management policy and greed that wreaked havoc on ‘super’ companies that folded up. In the process, billions of dollars — both investors’ money and employees’ pension — went down the drain.

Here is the list of Top 10 America’s largest bankruptcies listed in Launches TV Show Stores

amazon.jpg launched a new on-demand TV service that lets customers watch shows and find cast interviews for about 500 TV shows. it is According to the company, launching 500 new stores specifically dedicated to TV shows like Battlestar Galactica, Family Guy, and Supernatural.

The 500 new online stores launched by are each dedicated to a different customer-favorite TV series, providing everything from cast interviews to VOD viewing in one targeted destination.

WALL- STREET IN PANIC – Lehman Brothers Collapses


Collapse of one of the world’s largest investment bank, Lehman Brothers has triggered large stock market falls around the globe. Wall Street has seen its worst day since 2001 amid fears about the stability of the financial system.

158-year-old bank Lehman Brothers, announced it was filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the United States.