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WordPress or Joomla?

Guest Post By Margaret Saunders

Should you start thinking of establishing your own site, you’ll probably search through a few of the many CMS available online. They are generally referred to as Content management systems. Two of the most liked Content management systems services include WordPress and Joomla. This information will provide a comparison between the two systems that will help you choose which might be better suited to your requirements.

Simple steps to Make Money Blogging – Free Ebook Download

Daniel Scocco of, an established blogger, has written an ebook called “Make Money Blogging”. This e-book answers questions and techniques how you can establish a niche blog and make money out of it.

Make Money Blogging is about how to make money by blogging. It’s very well written and broken down into 5 main chapters (Content, Design & Usability, Networking, Promotion and Monetization) that anyone can follow and accomplish.

Blogging Topics To Avoid

Here are the list of blogging topics you could avoid. For example topics like Photography, Gadgets & Celebrity gossip are already dominating the web blogs and topics like religion, abortion are not good as it create tension among readers.

So Here are the list of blogging topics you could avoid.

How do I Check Current Version of WordPress ?

If you want to keep WordPress blog secure, you have to upgrade to the latest release. Always check for the security release by wordpress team and upgrade to the latest version. Before upgrading check for your current version of wordpress to make sure which one you upgraded.

If you have most recent version of wordpress (wordpress 2.6 or latest) you can automatically update WordPress using the ink found within your menu bar.