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Burj Dubai (“Dubai Tower”) Becomes World’s Tallest Tower

Burj Dubai ("Dubai Tower") has become the world’s tallest man-made structure ever built, despite being incomplete. As of December 30, 2008, Burj Dubai had reached a height of 780 m (2,559 ft) and crossing 160 storeys in the process.

According to a press report, Burj Dubai has achieved the distinction of being the world’s tallest structure surpassing the KVLY-TV mast (628.8 metres) in North Dakota, US.

What is DoS attack or denial-of-service attack ?

A DoS attack or denial-of-service attack is an attempt to make a computer resource unavailable to its intended users.

Not all service outages, even those that result from malicious activity, are necessarily denial-of-service attacks. Denial-of-service attacks can essentially disable your computer or your network.

The basic types of DoS attack are:

  • Consumption of computational resources, such as bandwidth, disk space, or processor time

What is Carbon Footprint ?

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A carbon footprint is a “measure of the impact human activities have on the environment in terms of the amount of greenhouse gases produced in our day-to-day lives through burning fossil fuels for electricity, heating and transportation.

The carbon footprint is a measurement of all greenhouse gases we individually produce and has units of tonnes (or kg) of carbon dioxide equivalent.

Apple’s 3G iPhone is coming this Summer


A Bank of America analyst is predicting that the 3G iPhone will be a reality by the summer, according to reports.

Both Apple and AT&T, its exclusive carrier partner in the U.S., have said a higher-speed version of the popular device is coming, but they haven’t set a date. According to a report by the Bank of America, authored by analyst Scott Craig the much-awaited iPhone with 3G is coming in May.

Archaeologists start Stonehenge dig


England’s most sacred soil, the stonehenge was disturbed Monday for the first time in more than four decades as archaeologists worked to solve the enduring riddle: When and why was the prehistoric monument built?

Scientists estimate that the bluestones were first put in place about 2600 B.C. The original bluestones were removed about 200 years later and scientists hope to find bits of them embedded in the earth.