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Games On Facebook Messenger – List

You can play online games with your friends inside Facebook Messenger. Just tap the game controller icon in a Messenger thread to pay the games. That means, you can now play games directly through Messenger, without leaving Facebook’s interface without downloading another gaming app from Apple iTunes or Google Play.


Here are some of the popular games you can play right inside your Facebook Messenger.

List of Cloud Email Hosting Providers

Looking for best Cloud Email Management Providers. Here is the list of Cloud Email Management Providers.

Cloud computing is the use of a 3rd party service to perform computing needs. Here Cloud depicts Internet. With cloud computing, companies can scale up to massive capacities in an instant without having to invest in new infrastructure.

What are anchor & vignette ads ? – Adsense

Google Adsense has ad units for mobile called page level ads increase your revenue. It has 2 kinds of ads which only be display on mobile-optimized sites.

2 Page-Level Ads types:

  1. Anchor/overlay ads
  2. Vignette ads

Anchor/overlay ads

Anchor/overlay ads are page-level ads available for mobile devices. Basically, these ads will stick to the edge of user screen that can be dismissed by user any time.

Have I been hacked ? – Check Now

Security breaches of online data is rising and you must do everything to protect your information. Here are some website to check if any accounts associated with your email address have been included in the recent mega-breaches. This will help you to protect your own security and privacy.

Here are 2 popular websites to see if you are affected.