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By default, videos are set to autoplay in Facebook newsfeed. You can turn off video autoplay on facebook. here is how to disable autoplay for videos on Facebook (Desktop, iOS devices and Android devices )

Turn off video autoplay on Desktop

  1. Click options drop-down menu in the top right
  2. Click “Settings”
  3. Click “Videos” link on the left side menu.

I got an email from Google with subject “New sign-in from Chrome on Windows” and content as below.. Is this normal or my account hacked ?

Hi [….],
Your Google Account [….] was just used to sign in from Chrome on Windows.


Basically, this is an notification email from Google, which alerts you if they find suspicious kind of activity.
Google will send an email/text notification in the following scenarios

Forbes has released its annual list of the wealthiest people who made their fortunes by pursuing careers in tech. in the world for the year 2015.

Here are the list of 20 wealthiest people in tech, you can see the full list (100 Richest Tech Billionaires) of at Forbes.


  1. Bill Gates – $79.6 Billion – Microsoft (United States)

If you want to get fit, improve your overall health and sleep better, an Fitness activity tracker/device can help.

Why do I need Fitness Tracker ? These devices are designed to inspire you to become more active by setting goals for how much you want to move in a day and complete them. Each device offers different types of tracking – from steps to monitor blood pressure, heart rate to sports activities.

By default Fitness tracking (fitness step counter) is enabled on iPhone. Fitness tracking uses your body movements to determine your step count and fitness level.

Fitness tracking feature on iPhone aces as a pedometer and counts your steps in the background. Health and fitness apps on your iPhone ( including iPhone’s Health App ) use the Fitness tracking feature to determine your fitness activity.

Here is how to end your Amazon Prime membership for paid membership and also trial membership

To cancel your Amazon Prime membership

To cancel your Paid Amazon Prime membership: Go to prime central >> click End membership.
To cancel your trial Amazon Prime membership: Go to prime central >> click Do not continue.


Click – Do not continue.