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Take a look at the features of Microsoft’s Surface Studio. It is a desktop PC built for creativity. Surface Studio is the Microsoft’s answer to Apple’ iMac,  a popular desktop among creative professionals.


Surface Studio features

Here is the features of Surface Studio

  • Storage – 1TB or 2TB Rapid Hybrid Drive
  • Display – 28” PixelSense Display Resolution: 4500 x 3000 (192 PPI)

YouTubeRed is a YouTube’s paid service, it offers many benefits like uninterrupted music, play videos in the background, watch without ads etc., How much is YouTubeRed ? – $9.99/month 1-month free trial

Available in certain countries – As of now YouTube Red is available in Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, and the United States. Check list here

Like the fintech which is transforming the banking sector using technology, InsurTech ( Insurance technology) is about using software technologies to provide insurance services. Goal is to foster innovation for better services at lower cost. Example : peer-to-peer insurance powered by technology etc.,

The promise of InsurTech

Here are 6 key business opportunities in InsurTech by PWC

Google Adsense has ad units for mobile called page level ads increase your revenue. It has 2 kinds of ads which only be display on mobile-optimized sites.

2 Page-Level Ads types:

  1. Anchor/overlay ads
  2. Vignette ads

Anchor/overlay ads

Anchor/overlay ads are page-level ads available for mobile devices. Basically, these ads will stick to the edge of user screen that can be dismissed by user any time.

Security breaches of online data is rising and you must do everything to protect your information. Here are some website to check if any accounts associated with your email address have been included in the recent mega-breaches. This will help you to protect your own security and privacy.

Here are 2 popular websites to see if you are affected.

As part of Cybersecurity month, Google has provided a simple 2 minute security checkup to protect your account by reviewing 4 security settings


– Check your recovery information – This information is vital, it helps Google to be in touch with for your password recovery or if there’s unusual activity.