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Here is how to filter internet content that is not appropriate for young children on Smartphones and Tablets?

Solution is simple, you can have an Internet filter browser installed on every smartphones and tablets, as a safe browser for your family and children. See different options below.

There are huge number of ads on Facebook. Which ad is shown to users is decided by an auction. Facebook ads fit any budget and do not cost beyond the set budget. Let’s get more insights about other costing of Facebook ads.

What are types of views and placements available for Facebook ads?

Depending upon whether a user is using desktop or mobile, there are different views and placements available for Facebook ads. All the view are explained below assuming that the Facebook ad is created for promoting the page ‘Healthy Life’.

1) Desktop news feed view

What is Facebook page?

Are you running a business or want to gather attention to your activities? Creating a Facebook page helps you to reach out to maximum number of people just because of a simple reason that more than 1.4 billion people use Facebook to connect to what they want. Creating a Facebook page is very simple and just a matter of few minutes.

How to create an ad on Facebook?


Facebook ads are the most easy and efficient way of reaching out to right audience. Facebook filters users based on the criteria specified for an advert and shows those ads to them. Following are quick steps for creating ads on Facebook.

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People sometimes get annoyed by the ads seen on Facebook or they want more and more relevant ads in their news feed. Here are some quick steps to control ads you see on Facebook.

Why are you seeing an ad?

When an ad flashes in the news feed, click on the small down arrow at the right hand top corner and click on ‘Why am I seeing this?’. This will give you information about why that particular advertiser is showing you the ad.